Promising Growth in Colombia to Local Artisans through Fair Trade

Promising Growth Through Fair Trade with Style!
Handmade Handbags and Accessories Support Artisan Communities in Colombia

Our Mission... is to help develop impoverished Colombian villages near Medellin, Colombia into self-sufficient economically stable communities. Every artisan-made product you buy creates jobs and provides the artisans’ families a higher quality standard of living through their craft.  All proceeds from the sale of our products are re-invested back into the villages that we support. 

We Believe...
  • By choosing fair trade you can transform the lives of others
  • That you can FEEL GREAT about shopping
  • Fair Trade can LOOK GREAT AND
  • That you can positively impact someone's life in little ways - every day!
  • We are lucky to have you here... thanks for visiting! 
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Our sustainable, earth-friendly products are all handmade out of natural plant fibers and leather. We manage our business using fair trade practices, ensuring that our producers and planet are treated with care. 

Find out more about how and why this project got started on our blog. Wholesale pricing is available.

Behind the Handbags are the Dedicated...

Although the state has social programs that improve the lives of the less fortunate, not everyone can be reached. There are dedicated individuals throughout the world that are trying to make a small difference in areas that government and churches just can't reach.  This is why Productos Fique: Bags and Accessories and its founder, Beatriz Elena, have been focusing their efforts in and around remote villages in the Antioquia Region of Colombia. 

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