Promising Growth in Colombia to Local Artisans through Fair Trade
Finally!  Re-launched the website!  A few 'techie' thoughts on the re-launch:

1. The Site  
I didn't realize I was going to have to start from scratch. We
were using a content management tool called Drupal and I highly
recommend AGAINST it unless you have a full time development resource.
Drupal crashed and it wasn't worth the work to bring it back.  We are now using Weebly and so far so good.  I haven't had a developer look at the code for SEO 'friendliness'.  If the code is clean I may recommend it to a few of the small businesses that I advise.

2. The Pictures
The good news is that I had all the product pictures backed up.
Remember that!!!!  Oh please, please, remember to always back up your pictures.  All of them.  We use an external drive, we back up the external drive AND I post my pictures to  It's worth the annual fee.  Check them out.  

3. Receiving Payments via PayPal  
Hooking back up to PayPal was easy AND I was able to downgrade to the 'free' version because I no longer needed the API to power miserable Drupal.  More how to set up PayPay 'free' for your small business later.  There were a few annoying points I learned when we set it up for that I want everyone to know.


The code isn't as bad as I expected it would be, considering that it was made with a drag and drop tool. There is a lot of inline styling (which is generally frowned upon) but nothing nearly as bad as what Microsoft Word, etc. spits out. And, although I never looked at the code you had up here when it was in Drupal, I imagine that it was just as cluttered then.

Code aside, I think the site looks great. Nice work!


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