Promising Growth in Colombia to Local Artisans through Fair Trade
Today I'm spending a hot and humid afternoon inside trying to get the Promising Growth project re-started.  I'm so glad we'll be able to get our supporters involved again, and look forward to getting handbags sold so that we can start sending funds back to the artisans for new products.  We don't buy new inventory until we are nearly sold out, so without the site and sales, we can't get back to the business of "promising growth"! 

I took a necessary personal break from this over the past year because I was blessed with our first baby.  He has brought nothing but happiness, but needless to day, took away all of my spare time and energy!  I was also  extremely busy (and continue to be!) running a start-up during the worst economic downturn in my lifetime.  The business is no different than the baby really - I think about it day and night!  Zaps my energy, etc! etc! 

Regardless, my commitment to the ideas and people behind this project remain, and I am glad to be getting engaged again.  More soon.

Can We Open a Satalite Page on this Web Site....I also Own the Domain We Be a Big Collective Hug....Marketing Our
Jerry Strongheart


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