Promising Growth in Colombia to Local Artisans through Fair Trade
Shop our handbags and beach bags on December 13, 2010, Lua Restaurant, Hoboken, NJ.  We are proud to be participating in the Hoboken Shop Til You Drop charity event.  The event raises funds and collects new toys and worn coats for the families in Hoboken that don't have the means to celebrate Christmas on their own.  As you know, Promising Growth's entire existence is to help the poor, so we are very excited to be joining this event.  I couldn't do it last year because I had just given birth to our son!

I went to the vendor meeting last week and met the amazing women that pull all of this together.  We are proud to announce that we are giving significant discounts to attendees so that we can get people excited about our product, and the event.  Hope to see you there.  The event's info can be found on their site,
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    Those of us on the U.S. side of this project are all working for or running other businesses.  Promising Growth is something we do in our spare time whenever it's possible to find it! 

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    Thanks to our supporters: friends, family and strangers like you that want to make a difference.

    "Give A Man A Fish, Feed Him For A Day.

    Teach a Man to Fish, Feed Him for a Lifetime “

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