Promising Growth in Colombia to Local Artisans through Fair Trade

How Often Can Your Fashion Choice Transform the Life of Others?
More often than you think.  Influence change by shopping responsibly. 

A directory of charities, fair trade shops, eco-friendly products and more...

Here is a directory of responsible shopping, caring companies, and charities that we have encountered in our journey to launch Promising Growth.  These will fall into one or more of the following categories:
Fair Trade - Economic Empowerment - Preserving Tradition - Quality of Life - Eco Positive/Eco-friendly - Environmental Conservation - Animal Friendly/Animal Welfare -  Species Preservation - Supports a Cause/Fundraising - Children Specific Cause


World of Good
Categories: ALL
An eBay property.  You'll find a gift for every occasion.  Shop by country, category, cause - more.  We aren't embarrassed to admit we linked you directly to the Colombia category!

One World Projects
Categories: Focus on Fair Trade
Fair Trade global goods.  We have purchased and distributed their products in the past, and they are a great group of people.  We especially love their fair trade, handmade Colombia seed jewelry!

Aid to Artisans
Amazing home decor goods.  These guys are Promising Growth on steroids!  We visited them at the International Gift Show and received kind advice from one of their reps when we were considering this project.  Have been around since 1974.  


Global Giving
Categories: ALL
Aren't sure what charity you want to support?  Global Giving allows you to search by cause and country.  The reason we love this site is because it gives small charities access to the global marketplace.  We have onced again linked you directly to Colombia charities of course!