Promising Growth in Colombia to Local Artisans through Fair Trade
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Founding Ideas Behind Productos Fique and Promising Growth
Teach Self-Sustainability and Manage Fairly

Supporting Over 60 Families
"Productos Fique" is the company in Colombia that designs, manages and produces the products and artisans that Promising Growth (a ShineOn Marketing LLC project) is trying to support.  The founders of both companies are good friends. 

Fique's current project started when a local priest told Beatriz about a village of about 150 families that needed help because the local coffee crop was no longer able to support the entire village.  She agreed, and Beatriz would literally get dropped off on the side of a dirt road where the villagers meet her on horseback.  After at least an hour's ride up the side of steep mountains, she'll spend weekends teaching them how to make the handmade handbags from hemp fibers or rope (fique).  The project started with just a few families and is now support over 60 artisan families.  Now, one family teaches the next, and Beatriz' goal is to only visit to teach new designs, bring them materials, and distribute the handbags they made back to the city of Medellin for further distribution. 

She's already seen this at work; Fique's first major project started with helping those that were displaced from their homes due to the guerilla conflict in “La Comuna Noriental” of Medellin.  These people were forced out of their homes and into other areas.  Beatriz taught 45 women how to knit and 16 of them are now making a living and supporting their families through this work by selling the goods at local arts and crafts shows.

Growing Beyond Two Villages...

Why Promising Growth?
Beatriz needs to help the remaining families and move on to other local villages.  Once this village is self-sufficient, she will continue to spread her knowledge.  This is her life’s dream.  She has started to reach out to others so that they can help spread the work. 

The project was launched in December 2008 and has since provided over 275 days of fairly paid labor to the artisans of Olaya.  The handbags are purchased in bulk and inventory is managed out of Weehawken, New Jersey.  Promising Growth have also contributed clothing and other equipment to help the families in other villages.

Fique Bolsos Y Accesorios YouTube Video Clip (Spanish Only)